Love Won’t Let Me Give Her Up

Posted on May 16, 2017.

By Pastor Skylar Spradlin


            My wife and I just recently welcomed our first child into the world. The joy that floods the soul in that moment is near unexplainable. As can be imagined, our life has now drastically changed. One of those changes is the new feelings that flood the heart. Everyone tries to explain the love that you have for your children, but you just simply don’t understand that love until you are blessed to have a child. Needless to say, I now understand what they were talking about.

            One of my favorite things in life right now is what my wife and I have called cuddle time. It is no special moment of the day that we set aside or anything like that. It is just those moments throughout the day when our little one wants to be held and wants to sleep in your arms. Those moments are now treasured and sought after!

            One morning our little cuddle monster was wanting to lay on my chest and take a nap. As a new father who is madly in love with his daughter there was no way I was going to pass this opportunity up. If you are a parent then you know there is nothing like the warmth and softness that comes from your child sleeping in your lap. There is this realization that your child trusts you enough to sleep on you.

            About an hour into our cuddle time/nap something happened and I needed to get up. That means that my wife has to come and take our little girl off my chest. As my wife came over to pick up this little blessing I realized (like I had many times before) I don’t want her to go. Actually, I don’t want to give her up. I was comfortable, she was comfortable, and I was in love! Then I realized, love won’t let me give her up! So, I ignored what I needed to go do and asked my wife for a few more minutes of cuddle time.


As I sat there contemplating the feelings I had for this child I realized that the Lord’s love won’t let Him give me up. I always assumed that when I had a child I would gain a better understanding of the Father sending His Son to the cross for us. However, I never thought that simply holding my child and feeling love for her would help me to understand that Father’s love for me.

            Just as I was unwilling to let Emberly go, so too Jesus is unwilling to let me go. He truly has invested too much into me to let go of me.

And so, in that moment, John 10 comes flooding into my mind. I am in the Lord’s hands and there is no one will snatch me away. Even more than me not letting my wife take my daughter, the God of heaven will never let anyone take me.

The love of God towards His children is infinitely more than the love I can show my children. I cannot imagine loving my little girl any more than I already do – nor any less for that matter! – but there is no doubt in my mind that God loves His children far beyond our capability to love anyone else.

And just like my little girl found comfort and trust laying in my lap we too can find comfort and trust in God. To watch my little one rest with me can be a great reminder that we can rest with the God of the universe.

So, let us have the trust of a child in our heavenly Father. Let us cling to Him, rest with Him. and know that His love won’t let Him give us up!