Why the Sexual Revolution Isn’t the Answer

Posted on April 10, 2017.


We live in a time of change. Bad change. It is no secret that we are living in the middle of what has become known as the sexual revolution. Truth be told, it is more than a sexual revolution, it is a moral revolution. It is a redefining of right and wrong. For the Church, this is no surprise, but even expected. As Russell Moore has stated in his book Onward, Christians are the majority minority. There are millions of people who claim Christianity, but the worldview of the Bible is a minority worldview. Scripture prepares us for this minority mindset. When it comes to following God and His Word there are not many people running to join the movement. Therefore, it is no surprise to the Church that the world is redefining morals, and along with that sexuality.

            There is, however, something surprising that has occurred concerning the sexual revolution. It is a result of the revolution that the culture didn’t anticipate. The surprise is that the sexual revolution isn’t satisfying. The advance of pornography, the relaxed views of premarital sex, the homosexual agenda, and the rise of transgender issues have proven to be insufficient to meet the needs of those pursuing them. A new TLC show called “I am Jazz” follows the life of a 16-year-old who is now a transgender girl. The show is in its third season this summer. An article was recently published on People.com describing the upcoming season and what appears to be a year of hardships for the show’s focal character, Jazz Jennings. It cites Jazz speaking in the show’s new trailer saying, “I just really hate myself.” “I just feel bad about myself.”


    Keep in mind, these statements are made three years after Jazz made her transgender decision. The article goes on to tell us that Jazz and her mother are sitting on the bed discussing the possibility of seeing a therapist to address Jazz’s issues and self-hatred, to which Jazz responds, “You think some random individual who doesn’t even know who I am will have the answers to my questions?”


     Now, I must admit, it pains me to write about Jazz Jennings for many reasons. First, I have no pleasure in seeing someone hurt and facing very influential decisions in front of reality television cameras. There are many things that will affect Jazz’s life, but living out such crucial years in front of a television crew is one of the affects that will prove to be traumatizing. Second, I take no pleasure in writing about Jazz because Jazz has admitted what is true for so many people who seek fulfillment in the sexual revolution. They need answers about themselves, their identity, and their sexuality and only after pursuing a realm of the sexual revolution do they find that the sexual revolution cannot meet their needs like they hoped. They are then found to be waist deep in another attempt that is futile at finding fulfillment with the only realization that this time their choices are much more difficult to escape.


      The reason for this lack of fulfillment in the sexual revolution is because God never intended sex to be an answer. Sex is never the answer to find compatibility, fulfillment, or true intimacy.  Instead, God gave the gift of sex to be a blessing that strengthens the union of man and women as they become one flesh and reflect the relationship of Christ and His Church. Indulging in pornography, premarital sex, homosexuality, or a transgender lifestyle will not provide the satisfaction or clarity of purpose you seek in life. Instead, the opposite is true. Millions upon millions are stuck in a dark and dangerous place when they choose the sexual revolution to find the answers to their questions. And we must remember that these are our fellow human beings who are trapped in a web of difficult and daunting lies and accusations. The reality is, they need help out. The other reality is that we all need help out.


We Have So Much in Common


            When I hear Christians talk about those who are tangled in the sexual revolution I always want to remind them that we have so much in common with them. Just like Jazz identified, we all have questions that need to be answered. Even more specifically, we all have questions about ourselves that need answered. Some of us have questions about identity, others about sexuality, and still others about existence. Whatever the specific question is, we all have them and the Bible says it matters what we turn to in order to find answers. Some turn to drugs, still others turn to law breaking, but the vast majority of kids growing up today are turning to the sexual revolution. The avenues of sexual sin are broad. Presently, they are deeply entrenched in our culture and society. Personally, they are deeply hooked into countless hearts and they are not easily removed.

            Millions of people, both in the church and out, are sucked into the black hole of sexual sin. And the only thing that separates the Christian who doesn’t struggle with sexual sin and the transgender teenager is the grace of God. In reality, we have so much in common. We are all broken (insert Christian worldview here), and we all need a solution. We have all turned to the wrong things for the solution and we all need to be shown the one thing to turn to for the real solution.



We Must Know and Share the Answer


            My wife and I have the great honor of seeing our first child come into the world any day now. As I think about that day I am filled with tremendous joy and moments of fear. I fear because the world my daughter will grow up in is one where the Church will be facing unforeseen difficulties. Just like the lack of fulfillment in the sexual revolution has been unforeseen by the world, the many complexities this revolution brings will be unforeseen by the Church. My daughter will grow up in a world where homosexuality, transgender, and other sexual “fulfillments” will be strongly pushed and expected by the culture at large. We know what has been mentioned before already, namely that those things won’t answer your questions or satisfy your emptiness. And so, I have often wondered how to raise her in the face of these issues. I can think of several worthy techniques and principles to try and instill within her, but I keep coming back to one primary lesson to teach her – the gospel.

            You see, the sexual revolution will never provide you with the answer, solution, satisfaction, fulfillment, purpose, or desire you are looking for. That is because the problem we have as humanity is a matter of the heart. No outward change, addition, or alteration will correct that. There is no outward pleasure, pursuit, or lifestyle that can help your heart. No amount of good works, no amount of perceived happiness, and no amount of temporary (and guilty, shameful, broken, etc.) pleasure will change the empty heart. The only thing that will give you a new heart is the salvation of Jesus Christ.

            We are empty and broken people on the inside. That is because we have gone away from God and have gone into sin. God is our satisfaction, He is our joy, He is our pleasure, and He is our purpose. Since sin separates us from God we are also separated from fulfillment, etc. The only way back to God is through His Son (John 14:6). He took all our sexual revolution (or sexual revolting) acts upon Himself at the cross so that we may be forgiven of sin and united to God in salvation.

            Ultimately, the sexual revolution will never make you feel better about yourself, nor will it answer your questions. But the grace of God in Jesus Christ will. The sexual revolution will never give anyone the answer they need. It is only a lie that addresses the outside of a person and not the heart of a person.

            Therefore, we must lay aside pornography, lay aside premarital sex and one night stands, lay aside the homosexual lifestyle, and lay aside the lie of fulfillment in becoming a transgender, and instead we must cling to Jesus. We must cling to Jesus and we must share Jesus. People who are entrenched in the sexual revolution do not need our condemnation – they need the gospel. The Church must be willing and ready in this new age to address, love, help, and respond to the sexual revolution with the only thing that can effectively counteract it, expose its lies, and rescue its casualties – the Gospel of Jesus Christ.