Sunday School

Sunday School:

Sunday School is an important ministry for our church. We value the opportunity to meet together in classes to pray together and to study God’s Word in a focus and specific way. We currently have several classes and opportunities for people join. Sunday School Begins at 9:30am every Sunday morning before the worship service at 10:40am.


Children’s Sunday School:

We have classes that are age appropriate for all the ages of our children spanning from Nursery to the 5th grade. We are in the process of changing our curriculum to a 3 year unified curriculum so that kids of all ages will be studying the same passage and subject of Scripture, only it will be taught and instructed appropriately for the different ages. Our goal in this time is to teach children the Word of God and through God’s Word to point them to Jesus Christ and a saving relationship with Him! This will be done through gifted, caring, and trustworthy teachers assisted with helpers in each class. They will use crafts, songs, games, and other methods to help communicate the lesson of Scripture for that day. Our teachers and helpers (anyone working in our children’s department) will be examined before working with our children.


Youth Sunday School:

The Youth meet together for Sunday School every week to study God’s Word and encourage each other in faith in Jesus Christ. This department is under the leadership or our Youth Pastor. For more information on our youth ministry click here.


Adult Sunday School:

We currently have four Sunday School classes for all adults that are available to attend. We will also have other new classes coming in the future. These classes are not separated by age, but rather we offer different classes for individuals to pick from in an elective style format. These four classes are built upon using the Bible primarily with other literature for assistance in understanding the Bible.

We have a class taught by Toby Hawkins; who has several decades of teaching experience. This class goes through the curriculum Masterwork. This study material covers a variety of topics on a quarterly basis. Each individual is provided with a book for personal study throughout the week.

We have another class taught by Silas Dodgen. This class is a Baptist Catechism class intended to look at what Baptist have historically believed about Scripture and why Baptist have believed such things in such ways. This class will use the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith and the 1693 Baptist Catechism (also known as Keach’s Catechism).

A third class that we offer is for college students. This class is taught by Robin Jones and is meant to help instruct students at this crucial point in life. This class will help lay down the foundation for beliefs that will continue for a life-time. The things a college student learns now will develop who they are, what they do, and will be with them through life. This class studies Scripture with that in mind.

Our fourth class offered is a class is a class on Christian Basics. It is offered to help people understand the very basics of the Christian faith. If you want to have a biblically established foundation than we invite you and welcome you to our Basics class!

            Please make plans to attend and join one of these classes so that you may grow in your walk with God and grow in your understanding of His Word with other believers in different stages of life!