Trinity Kids

Our Church knows the honor and blessing of teaching children the Word of God and pointing them to Jesus Christ. We do not want to take this lightly. Therefore, we are constantly working to reshape and imporve our children's ministry.



In the summer we offer four days of Vacation Bible School. This is a time to point kids to the gospel and to love on them through fellowship. Kids will walk away from that week with a clear understanding of a specific verse and passage of Scripture and how that verse and passage points us to Christ.

Sunday School:

We try to offer appropriate classes for each age group of children. Right now, our break down for Sunday school classes is Nursery for the new born to 1 year old. Classes for 2 years to 3 years old, Pre-K to  1st Grade, 2nd Grade to 3rd Grade, 4th Grade to 5th Grade, and 6th Grade through graduation with the youth.We are always hoping to instruct children in the Word of the Lord and to point them to faith in Jesus Christ alone.


We welcome children to remain in service with their parents. We believe that it is good for children to see their parents worship and to learn to worhsip the Lord themselves. We understand that this may mean there is a little more noise during the service from time to time, but the noise of children is only a reminder of the blessing of life from the Lord! If you feel like your children need a break or are getting too antsy then we do have a quiet/cry room located in the back of our Sanctuary design for such occasions. In this room you will still be able to view the service, hear the service, and allow those kiddos to stretch their legs. If nursery is needed then we can provide one upon request or need as determined.


For children 5th grade and under we have our Trinity Kids time. This is a time where kids sing songs, have a Bible study, learn about missions, and are called to trust Jesus for salvation. This is an intentional time to raise up our children in the word of the Lord. We are thankful and excited to have a time like this so that we may minister to our little ones form a young age!


Children are a blessing and we want the Lord to provide families so that we may enjoy that blessing and minister to them. If you are looking for a church home we want you to know that you are invited to join our group of kids and know that your family will be loved, cared for, and minstered to in a safe and friendly environment.