Our Ministries

We count it a considerable blessing of the Lord for the ministries He allows us to have and participate with. Everything ministry that we have has been carefully considered, prayed over, planned, examined, reevaluated, and focused. We desire everything we do, including every ministry of our church, to put Christ first in each of our lives, the life of our church,  in our community, and in our world. This is our calling and this is the filter we funnel everything through. Therefore, if you want Christ to be first in your life, we encourage you to plug in to one of our ministry areas. These are not just activity or study times - they are times of ministering to one another and our community.

Bible Study Groups

This is a time where we focus on our growth in the Lord and in the knowledge of His word for the purpose of growing in our faith and adoration of Jesus. We are constantly adding and adapting our classes to accomplish this mission. Our Groups are elective in nature so that you may find a small group that you can plug in to, grow with, serve with, and love on.

Our Bible Study Group time starts at 9:30am, after our weekly breakfast fellowship.

For more information about our Bible Study Groups click here.

Trinity Kids

Our Church knows the honor and blessing of teaching children the Word of God and pointing them to Jesus Christ. We do not want to take this lightly. Therefore, we are constantly working to reshape and improve our children's ministry so that we can more effectively point our kids to Jesus Christ and a saving relationship with Him. We want our kids to put Christ first!

For more info on our Trinity Kids ministry and to see what all we do with our kids, visit our Trinity Kids page by clicking here.

Trinity Youth

Trinity Baptist Church's youth group has a simple mission. It is our desire to love students with the love of Jesus Christ and to teach them the truths from God's Word. We believe that with the Holy Spirit's help anyone at any age can know God, so we believe in teaching the Bible. We want to create a fun, friendly place for students to come and encourage each other, laugh together, carry each other's burdens, and make lasting friendships. We want to know God through His Word. We want to love God. We believe as the church, we can do this better together than we can separately.

You can visit our Trinity Youth page by clicking here.

College Ministry

Trinity Baptist Church was founded to reach college students. Throughout the church's history God has given us the opportunity to minister to this incredibly important group of young people. Among our college students we find many different backgrounds and lifestyles. Many different types of students from all over the world have come to Trinity and found unity in a common salvation from Christ and a desire to worship Him in spirit and truth. It is this group of young people that will go out after graduation to all parts of the world with their faith and we count it a high honor from God to be able to teach them the truths of Scripture and introduce them to our wonderful God and Savior!

For more information please visit our College Ministry page by ckicking here.