Bible Study

Studying Scripture is extremely important to us as a church and as individuals. We realize that the only way to fully know God is to study and read His Word. We also realize that the Bible is unlike any other book in the world. It is the inspired, inerrant Word of God (2 Tim. 3:16-17). As such, it is completely relevant for today, entirely authoritative for our lives, and wholly applicable to every situation in our lives. It equips us for ministry, service, and, most importantly, for walking with God in a right and obedient relationship. God’s Word is how He speaks to us and therefore is central to Trinity Baptist Church. As a church we desire to offer ample time and resources for Bible Study and we are always open to starting a new time or a new meeting for further Bible Study so as to accommodate as many as we can. While our material will always be the Bible our ability on when and where to meet is flexible! Below is some of our current Bible Study times and we hope that you may find one that you can plug in to soon!


Sunday Morning Preaching:

This is our primary means of Bible Study as we walk in an expositional (verse-by-verse & book-by-book) format through God’s Word. This is our primary means of Bible Study, not because of the preacher(s), but because we recognize that God has placed a unique importance on the act of preaching. All throughout the book of Acts the gospel went forth and the church grew because of the Apostles preaching and teaching. Therefore, we realize that preaching and teaching is God’s ordained means of growing His church in faith and in number. This is also the time when our whole body gathers together to grow and learn together. We encourage attendance to our services and preaching times for these very reasons.


Sunday School:

Every Sunday Morning at 9:30am we have various classes for all ages that meet in our building for the purpose of studying God’s Word together in a more intimate way. These classes are designed to further our general knowledge in the Bible as a church. The classes cover a range of topics as selected by the teacher of the class. These classes are “schools” for Bible Study. They are led by our church members and they are a crucial part to the mission and study of our church. We hope to always grow in Sunday School attendance and in classes offered.


Sunday Evening Bible Study:

We gather on Sunday evenings to further study God’s Word in a more in-depth and studied way. We cover a variety of topics, passages, issues, and areas of Scripture. Sunday nights are a more informal and relaxed time of Bible Study together as a church. We will continue to cover a wide variety of topics and passages.   


Wednesday Night Prayer & Bible Study:

On Wednesday nights our church comes together at 6:30pm (we also have youth meeting for Bible Study at this time) for prayer and Bible Study. This is our mid-week meeting. We pray for various issues and ask for prayer requests and praise reports from throughout the week. We also devote a good amount of time to Bible Study on these evenings. We spend this time of Bible Study walking through different books of the Bible.


College Bible Study:

On Wednesday nights at 8:00pm in the Fellowship Hall our college Bible Study takes place. This is an intentional time to pour into the lives of college students. College is a crucial time for everyone. What we learn during this time and the habits we establish during college tend to last with us forever. Therefore, we want to pour God’s Word into students in the most important time. This is open to any and all college students.


Other Resources and Help:

Our church also offers other resources and help in various ways. Some of our members meet in a one on one basis or in a small group of three or four for the purpose of accountability, encouragement, and Bible Study. We also have resources on our website designed for the purpose of enhancing Bible Study and Christian thought. On our website you can find our archived Sermons, Current and Past Blog Series, and listings for various ministries and services. We desire to see all people studying God’s Word and growing in the knowledge and love of Him. We want to help all people grow in this area.



We try to offer many different Bible Studies throughout the week and many different resources because we want people to be in God’s Word. His Word will do His work in our lives.