International Student Ministry 

                God has blessed our church with the privilege to minister to many international students from many countries all over the world. They have come to Weatherford to attend college classes at Southwestern Oklahoma State University and while they are here we take the time to try and bless them and to minister to them. Some of the things we try to offer to these international students are:


1.       Rides to the grocery shop, to eat out, to the airport, and to any other places they may need to go.

2.       Inviting them in to the homes of our Church Members for an authentic American dinner and evening.

3.       Helping set up bank accounts and cell phone services etc.

4.       Conversational English classes

5.       And much, much more.


This list is just a fraction of the ways that we are trying to serve these students who are so far from home. We realize that coming to a strange country for nine months and not knowing many people can be overwhelming, so we want to provide a safe place for students to come and learn our American culture and to be able to ask questions.

                However, our main goal is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them and see them saved and discipled. We have been privileged from the Lord to see international students come to saving faith in Him and then go back home to take the gospel to their families, friends, and countries. This is our desire for all the international students whom God allows us to minister to. This is why we do what we do.

                To this end, we have a group of church people dedicated to this ministry and to these students. Our desire is for them to hear the gospel and experience our culture. This group will work to make sure that international students are welcomed, loved, helped, and encouraged. This is not just the heart of this group, but this is the heart of our church. This committee of people serving international students is just an organizational committee meant to help our overall church serve these students better.

                We realize that God has brought us the nations. We desire to see the gospel shine forth to them! We have many people excited to see this happen and dedicated to serve the Lord in this way.




If you are an international student, work with international students, or know international students and want to see the full list of our ministry or would like more information or help in any way please fill out the contact form to your right telling us what you are in search of and we will get in touch with you soon.