Online Bible Study Groups

During this COVID-19 Pandemic most of our Groups are meeting online. We would love for you to join and check us out! This is a great opportunity to try being a part of a group if you have never been a part of one. Simply reach out to us and we will get you set up with a group that fits your time. 

Below you will find a current schedule of the Groups that are able to meet online. Please find a group that may be meeting at a good time for you. 

You can Contact Us by clicking here.

A Schedule of our Current Groups Meeting Online

Brian's Group - Sundays 9:30am

Live Stream Worship - 10:40am - click here

After Service Introduction Meeting - 12:30am

Toby's Group - Sundays 3:00pm

Larry's Group - Sundays 6:00pm

Skylar's Group - Tuesdays 1pm

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Wednesdays 6:30pm

College Discipleship - 8:00pm