Trinity Bible Conference

Trinity Bible Conference is a yearly conference designed to equip and encourage believer's in their walk with Christ. Our conferences typically focus on a singular theme that would achieve this goal. Our hope is that we not only walk away with a deeper understanding of the Scriptures, but also that our hearts would be molded through the Scriptures into the image of Christ. 

Below you may find our past Conferences and, as the Conference draws near each year, you may find helpful information for upcoming Conference events. 


September 26th-30th


Matt Townsend | Robin Palesano | Ron Henderson | Skylar Spradlin


The Reformation at 500: A Look at the 5 Solas

In 2017, our conference focused on the Protestant Reformation and the 5 Sola truths that emerged from it. Since 2017 was the 500th year since the Reformation, we found it to be a fitting way to spend our conference time this year.