Sermon Audio

Below you will find all the recorded audio of Trinity Baptist Church Sermons. To listen to the sermons simply follow the links.

Sermon Series

  • The Letter to the philippians

    This is a verse by verse walk through the letter to the Philippians. This series began in February of 2021.

  • General PReaching

    These sermons are preached based upon selected Scriptures and cover a wide array of passages and topics. 

  • The Doctrine of the church

    This sermon series examines some of the foundational elements of the church. It helps give a better and more comprehensive view of God's design for His bride. This series was preached August 2020 through November 2020. 

  • the letter to the colossians

    This series walks verse by verse through the letter to the Colossians. It was preached from August 2019 to July 2020. 

  • the gospel of luke

    These sermons walk verse by verse through the Gospel of Luke. This series was preached from January 2016 through June of 2019.