Our Purpose

Our purpose is simple. We want to glorify God by putting Christ first. 

Putting Christ first is our strategic and all-encompassing driving force. Every ministry, every services, every activity, every study, and everything else we do we strive to make Jesus Christ the most important and central part. Our goal is to make Him first in the life of our church, make Him first in our own personal lives, and make Him first in the world. Church isn't about us. The Kingdom of God isn't about us. Our life isn't even our own. We belong to Christ and our desire is to keep Him as priority number one of our lives and, in turn, exalt and glorify God our Maker!

As you read through and see everything that God has blessed our church with the opportunity to do and be apart of, we hope you will see that our driving force is to put Christ first in all things. 

Our Values

Trinity Baptist Church exists to Glorify God by Putting Christ First


            The best way to learn about any church is to spend time with that church family. This isn’t any different for Trinity Baptist Church. However, there is an understandable desire to know something about a church before you invest time and energy in being around it. Therefore, we seek to make our values and principles known as best as we can with the understanding that the real and best way to get to know us is to be around us. That being said, here are some highlighted areas of our church that are important to us.


  • 1.      We Love Jesus Christ

We hope this point is obvious to anyone who visits us. Jesus is the center of who we are and what we do. Our services, ministries, efforts, finances, property, time, affections, and more are reserved for Him and used for His glory. We filter everything thing we do through the lens of “Putting Christ First.” As long as we are putting Him first in the life of our church and in our personal lives then we are on the right track.


  • 2.      We Are Serious About Worship

Since Jesus is the love of our lives, worshipping Him is a high priority for us. Our Sunday morning worship service is highly guarded. Everything we do during this time has a scriptural backing for it. We strive to not allow our preferences or wants to take over this important time. Out of the whole week, this is the singular time that we call our whole church together for the expressed purpose of worshipping and focusing on Jesus alone. At other times during the week we offer many different opportunities, but during our Sunday morning worship services we fight to reserve every ounce of it for Jesus Christ.


  • 3.      We Stand by the Bible

The Bible is our functioning and believing authority. We strive to live by it, not only in our church family, but in our own personal and private lives as well. All our ministries are built around explaining, encouraging, and applying the Word of God (Neh. 8:1-8). Therefore, we offer ample time for Bible study and Bible study training for our members. We know the value of learning together, but also of helping one another grow in our personal Bible study efforts. We do this through a variety of ways throughout the year, offering multiple avenues on a periodical basis, as well as our regular Sunday School hours, Wednesday Night functions, and Sunday Night functions.


  • 4.      We Take Membership Seriously

We believe it is an honor and privilege to be a part of a local church. None of us are meant to walk the Christian faith alone. Therefore, we must be devoted to walking together in the church. We are an imperfect group of people who know the grace of the Lord Jesus and want to show and give that grace to others. Since we see membership as vitally important, we require a simple and informal process to become a member of Trinity Baptist Church. This process requires meeting with a pastor to express your testimony, share the gospel, and hear our expectation for members. This serves a dual purpose. We want to know that someone joining this church is a Christian and can articulate the gospel, and we want you to know what our expectations of members are up front. Yes, we have expectations for our members. These expectations are things like faithful attendance, exercising your spiritual gift/finding a place of involvement, praying for one another, etc.


  • 5.      We Love Each Other

This has been a staple of our church for many years. Yes, we have disagreements – those things are bound to happen among a group of diverse people – but we also know the benefit, and command, of loving fellow Christians despite any differences we may experience. We strive to live together in patience and unity – remembering the grace of Jesus shown to each and every one of us. This priority has made us a loving, welcoming, and caring group of people. We believe that any amount of time among us will reveal the truth of this blessing among us.


            As was stated before, the best way to get to know us is to be around us. We are a welcoming and loving group of people. We desire to show the same grace to others that has been shown to us. So much more could be said about our church family. Please know, we are a people who truly desire to keep Christ first. I like to say that we are a group of people who know and have experienced the grace of Jesus and want to show that grace to others. It doesn’t matter your background, your past, or you present life, all are welcome here just like all are welcome to Jesus!