Trinity Kids

We know that it is an honor and privilege given to us by God to be able to teach children the Word of God and to point them to Jesus Christ. As such, we take our God-given task seriously. With biblical curriculum and serious safety measures in place, we seek to provide a fun, safe, and godly environment to point kids straight to Jesus!

Our Children Ministry provides opportunities for children and families on Sunday mornings at 9:30am and Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm.

Our curriculum

We are excited to use "The Biggest Story" as our church's Children's Curriculum. The Biggest Story is a comprehensive curriculum designed to take kids at all ages and life stages through the Bible. From the Creation accounts in Genesis 1 and 2 all the way to Heaven in the book of Revelation, kids will be given sound biblical instruction and asked to consider everything in light of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This is done through crafts, Bible teaching, and games, all age appropriate and conducted through the safety of trained teachers and helpers.  

Our Safety Measures

We take the safety of our kids very seriously. As such, all of our classes are equipped with appropriate ratios of teachers to children. Every class is required to have at least one teacher and helper no matter the number of children. Additionally, every teacher and helper must undergo a background check and Sexual Abuse Training conducted by MinistrySafe every two years. These trainings and policies help prevent and identify potential sexual abuse. Our volunteers and staff do not conduct sexual abuse counseling. If sexual abuse is detected or assumed, then volunteers are require by the church to report to their supervisor and supervisors and church staff will report all instances to local law enforcement. No volunteer will be allowed to be alone with children in the Church's Children Ministry and they are required to meet other certain standards to serve. If you have questions about the safety and appropriateness of our Children's Ministry please visit with our Family Pastor or our Lead Pastor. 

Worship Service

We welcome all children in the worship service with us on Sunday Mornings. Yes, they squirm. Yes, they make noise. But, we think it is good for them to see the whole church worship and love Jesus together. They are welcome to take advantage of our "Draw What You Hear" activity where they draw with crayons what they hear in the sermon or songs. It is surprising what they pick up on! Additionally, we have a nursery and cry area if they get too restless. 

We see kids as a blessing and a sign of life! We want them to be with us in worship. So, feel free to bring them in with you and let them tag along! We will thank the Lord for their presence!