Frequently ASked Questions

You have questions; we have answers! Below you will find some commonly asked questions. But, as always, if you don't find an answer to a question you have please reach out to us! 


Where Do I Sit?

You may sit anywhere you like! There is no assigned seating and we don't think any seat is 'our seat'. We are just glad you are joining us!

What Do I Do With My Kids?

During Bible Study Groups or on Wednesday Nights there are specialized ministries for children. When it comes to Sunday morning worship we encourage parents to keep their children in service with them It is good for kids to see their parents worship and know the faith is real. We provide sheets of paper and crayons for kids to 'Draw What You Hear' during the sermon. It is surprising what they pick up on! Plus, we love the noise and life they bring! 

Do I give Money?

You do not have to give money when you visit. We believe that is between you and the Lord. Our members are expected to faithfully support the ministry of the church, but our visitors will never be hounded for money. 

What Should I Wear?

We want you to feel comfortable. Our only stipulation: dress modestly as the New Testament instructs us. On any given Sunday you will find people wearing shorts, t-shirts, dress slacks, dress shirts, sports coats, and everything in between. We care more about you being with us than you dressing a certain way!

How Long Do Your Gatherings Last?

We begin our Sunday Morning Gatherings at 10:40am. We typically go until about 12 or 12:15pm. 

How Do People Join?

We believe that membership in a local church is a very important matter. Thus, we have a process in place for people to join. We require a sit down conference with two of our pastors followed by a formal prayer period before eventually being presented to the whole church in a Members' Meeting. It isn't a hard process, but it is a process for a reason. We want to do our best, so far as we are able, to make sure that everyone who joins us is a Christian. We also want people to get to know us and for us to get to know them. Nothing hidden or secret here! 

The best way to learn about us is to be with us! We hope you will join us soon!

All are Welcome!