Trinity Missions

Here you will find information about the missions and the kind of missions we seek to engage in. These are mission opportunities that we are directly involved in or praying for. Our desire in missions is for the name of Jesus to be furthered and advanced! 

  • To protect the identity and mission of "The Smiths" we will only refer to their location. They are in Cardiff, Wales planting churches and serving Christ! The Lord has blessed us with a partnership to "The Smiths" over the course of 10+ years! Pray for their fruit and faithfulness! 

  • Our Next Door Neighbor is West Elementary of Weatherford Public Schools! We have lots of connection with this school due to numerous friends and members teaching there. COVID has made it hard to minister there in the last year, but we hope only increase our ways of serving this school and all who work and attend there. Please pray for God's blessing and work to be done in this school!